Investigative Report

Internal Affairs Report



Sarasota, Florida, USA

Subject of Investigation:

Carson Plank

Report Date:

May 17, 2017

Report Metadata


Sarasota County Sheriff's Office

Incident Date:

January 12, 2017


R. Reilly

Investigator Employer:

Sarasota County Sheriff's Office

Findings Summary

On 1/19/2017, an administrative investigation was initiated into the conduct of SSO Dep. Carson Plank regarding her involvement in a criminal investigation (SSO C# 17-3077). Deputy Plank was the initial responding deputy to an attempted murder scene on 1/12/2017, wherein former SSO Dep. Frank Bybee was the alleged suspect.

Findings Conclusion

The Sheriff's Office holds its employees to a high standard of conduct and behavior both on and off-duty. You have violated these standards. Your actions and behavior have demonstrated conduct which has a tendency to destroy public respect and confidence in the agency, in its employees, and in the operation of its services and has adversely affected the good order and discipline of this Agency. Based on the factual allegations, the Sheriff and your supervisors agree that termination of your employment is the appropriate action in your case.

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Sustained Findings

When the investigation discloses sufficient evidence to establish that the act occurred and that it constituted misconduct


D.S. #1 Conduct Unbecoming

Conduct Unbecoming which reads" Members shall not engage in any conduct that is likely to adversely affect the discipline, good order or reputation of the sheriff's office, even though such conduct is not specifically set forth in these directives. This includes conduct both on and off duty hours. Conduct unbecoming shall include that conduct which brings the sheriff's office into disrepute, reflects discredit upon personnel as members of the sheriff's office, that suggests dishonesty that does not materially impair the objectives of the agency, or otherwise any conduct that impairs the operation or the efficiency of the agency. Dep. Plank's overall course of conduct with regards to concealing a potential evidentiary photo from a crime scene as well as providing sensitive law enforcement information to the suspect (Bybee) of a criminal investigation clearly violates this standard.


D.S. #9 Conformance w/ Laws

Conformance w/ Laws (2 counts) which reads "members shall comply with all laws, ordinances, statutes and rules provided the state or federal law and follow all mandates guaranteed by the constitution of the United States and the state of Florida, or any of their subdivisions. Dep. Plank violated this standard when she was arrested and charged with two (2) separate crimes violating both F.S.S. 918.13 and 837.055 (1). Refer to attached probable cause affidavits for further details.

Not Sustained Findings

When the investigation discloses that there is insufficient evidence to sustain the complaint or fully exonerate the employee


D.S. #10 Moral Character; D.S. #58 Untruthfulness

Untruthfulness in an Official Proceeding "Members shall speak truthfully in all official proceedings, including but not limited to, criminal or civil court proceedings, depositions, administrative hearings and administrative investigations. Dep. Plank violated this provision by providing false information to agency detectives during a sworn videotaped interview.

With regards to the allegation of D.S. # 10 Moral Character, while deemed not sustained the elements of the standard were violated but are inclusive of two of the aforementioned standards of Conduct Unbecoming and Untruthfulness in an Official Proceeding.